Tate | The Tanks

Branding for Tate Tanks, a perfomance art space in the old oil tanks of Tate Modern. This is a raw, industrial underground space, with dark erie areas. Its about art in action, a constantly changing and shifting series of events and experiences over summer 2013. Branding of Tate's performance art space at Tate Modern. Creation of marque, posters film and guidelines applied in-house by Tate's design team. The identity had to fit into Tate's existing guidelines whilst having a new personality of its own. The shifting triangle and circle icon was created as a marque to reflect the 2 large oil tank spaces joined through shifting movements. The combined shape is a nod to the eventual iconic Tate Modern extension under construction above ground. Photography by Cat Stevens was shot while the space was under construction as a series of projections by Lightning & Kinglyface playing with light, movement and shadow, creating a sense of the unknown. Devin Blair converted the same principles into motion to shoot the invite film Environmental and exhibiton collateral was then created in-house from the initial work and guidelines.

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